Giving kids a helping hand, and a leg to stand on!


Children in our community and around the world are in need of prosthetics to help them achieve greater mobility for an active, healthy, and more confident life.

Our mission is to spread awareness and raise funds for children in need of prosthetics so they can succeed!

Did You Know?


2,250 babies

are born each year in the United States with lower limb deficiencies. Amputations from disease or trauma also result in a need for prosthetics.

$5,000 – $50,000+

is the cost of a prosthetic limb.


4–6 months

is how often a pediatric prosthetic limb should be reviewed and adjusted for growth.



may cover much of the cost, but families are often left with thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills. The kinds of prosthetic legs that are covered may be limited.

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Iron Leg’s President, Matt Millhouse, and Vice President, Sean Laukhuff, had a busy weekend raising $2,243 dollars at two different events. The first event of the weekend was an annual cornhole tournament …
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